Evan George (GBR), M.A, M.Sc, Systemic Psychotherapist, Founding Partner BRIEF London.

'Teaching the Solution-Focused Approach'

Changing Challenges over the Past 25 Years

Keynote 09.30 - 10.00 / Friday June 15th 2018 / Jacob Pronk Hall


This presentation will reflect on the BRIEF team’s experience of teaching the Solution Focused Approach to well over 50,000 people over more than a quarter of a century throughout much of the world. The presentation will highlight some of the changing challenges both for those teaching the approach and for those learning it. ‘Simple but not easy’ is a cliché and yet people do not find Solution Focus easy. What do they find difficult and why? And why is it that the challenges both of teaching and learning have changed over the years? And what seems to work when introducing this way of working?

Learning Objectives


Participants might leave (even more) thoughtful and reflective about the curious nature of the Solution Focused Approach with ideas about how to best share their enthusiasm for this way of working with colleagues.

About Presenter

Evan George is a founder partner at BRIEF, the UK’s longest established Solution Focused training, therapy, coaching and consulting organisation. Evan has taught the approach throughout the UK, Europe and much further afield over more than 25 years. Evan is the co-author of 3 books on the Solution Focused Approach and the author of many chapters and articles. BRIEF is now regarded as one of the most influential teams in the development of the Solution Focused Approach and BRIEF’s contribution was recently recognised with the receipt of the prestigious ‘European Brief Therapy Association Distinguished Contributors to Solution Focused Thinking Award’ in 2012.