Therese Steiner 

Therese Steiner (CHE), M.D, Consulting Psychiatrist, NGO terre des hommes Schweitz

'Beyond Trauma'

My experience working with traumatized clients in Africa, Middle and South America as well as with many migrants in Switzerland 

Keynote 10.00 - 10.30 / Saturday June 16th 2018 / Jacob Pronk Hall



All therapists working in a solution focused way are used to utilize the resources and strength of their clients. When it comes to the work with heavily traumatized clients, refugees for instance, this attitude seems to be hard to keep up.

Theres will reflect with the audience on the ‘good reasons’ of this phenomenon and give some ideas on how to keep track. She will also talk about some lessons she learnt from children and adolescents that are considered as multi traumatized in her work with migrants and with youth in Africa, Middle -and South America.

In addition she will share her thoughts about the therapist’s self care, an issue that is very important when working with clients who have faced sever traumatic situations.


Learning Objectives


Pay attention to the wording

Mobilize the conviction of self efficacy



About Presenter

Therese is a child and adolescent psychiatrist in own practice. She trains the solution focused approach especially with children, adolescents and their families in many different countries. Working for an NGO in a program for psychosocial support for vulnerable children and youth in South Africa, Central- and South America. Author of different books on how to work with children and adolescents. The first book was written together with Insoo Kim Berg.