Ulla Peters

Ulla Peters (LUX), Ph.D, Sociologist, Assoc. Professor at University of Luxembourg

'Recent Developments in Child Protection Practice - Research and Practices'

Engaging children, parents and their networks through narrative and safety bases approaches

Keynote 16.00 - 16.30 / Saturday June 16th 2018 / Jacob Pronk Hall.


This presentation will focus on recent developments in child protection practice, especially in regard to the engagement of children, parents and their networks in assessments and intervention planning. Based on a tradition of solution focused social work and on the methodological stances and tools created here, like questioning and evaluating techniques (i.e. scaling questions, Insoo Kim Berg) professionals in child protection developed over the last 20 years an innovative framework for working with child protection cases.

Different contributions enriched the basic idea of a danger and strength oriented three column assessment (i.e. signs of safety, Turnell 2012) by mapping tools and visual story creation (words & pictures, Susie Essex) and by a community based safety planning.

In the meantime there exists also a body of research dealing with the epistomological and theoretical foundations of these approaches as well as with the evaluation of the effects of this way of working (Keddell 2014; Healy et al. 2011; Holmgard Sorensen 2013).

The presentation will give a short introduction to narrative and safety oriented approaches which is followed by an overview on research and practices.

Learning Objectives

 Participants will have an insight in the main stances and strengths of narrative and safety oriented approaches.

They will have learned about the importance of different ways of questioning and participatory reporting in child protection and know some skills how to master that.

About Presenter

Ulla Peters works since 2003 as a sociologist at the University of Luxembourg. Since the beginning she is a member of the research unit INSDE and she was for 4 years (2009-2013) responsible for a research domain in Social Inclusion (now IRISS). Since her PhD in 1991 she has researched and published in different areas (i.e. sustainable development, social economy) and specialized in the last ten years on questions of violence, child protection and child welfare.

She teaches in three study programs: in a Bachelor and a Master in Social and Educational Sciences and in Master in Management and Coaching. Main teaching areas are general sociology, organisational studies and child and youth care.