Ben Furman (FIN), M.D, Consulting Psychiatrist, Manager Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute.

'Solution-focused Lifestyle'

how to use solution-focused psychology for your own good

Keynote 16.30 - 17.00 / Saturday June 16th 2018 / Jacob Pronk Hall.



The Solution-Focused Approach (SFA) was originally a Brief Therapy Approach (SFBT) but as years went by, the key ideas of SFA were adopted to many fields where human communication plays an important role such as coaching, education, leadership and even parenting. However, SFA, or let’s say many of the principles inherent in SFA, can also be used in day to day communication with family, friends, colleagues, and even yourself. In this presentation Ben will explore ways in which we can all benefit from utilizing the principles of SFA in our own life, to improve our well-being and our relationships with important people in our lives.

Learning Objectives

You will learn how to utilize the principles of solution-focused psychology to improve the quality of your own life. 


About Presenter

Ben Furman is a psychiatrist and a senior teacher of solution-focused therapy/coaching at Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute. He is the author of several books and an internationally renowned trainer of SFA.