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Hooshmand Ebrahimi (IRN)

Kids’ Skills, a Solution-Focused Approach for Working with Children with Cancer

Workshop 4 - 11.00 - 12.30 / Friday June 15th 2018 / Jacob Maris Room



 Kids’ Skills is a problem solving method based on solution-focused psychology. It has been developed by Ben Furman, psychiatrist and the manager of Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute, for helping children overcome problems by learning skills. From the Kids’ skills approach, in most cases children’s problems can be seen as skills that they need to learn. The systematic steps of Kids’ Skills to working with children begin by agreeing with the child on the skill, and end with a happy celebration and planning for teaching the skill to another child.

Applying Kids’ Skills approach, the Kids Skills and Health Room teaches necessary skills to children with cancer. In this learning process, the especial needs of children define the frame of the concerned skills and the approach of Kids’ Skills meets these needs in the form of certain skills. The Kids Skills and Health Room is a place for working with children with cancer in Shiraz, Iran. This canter is equipped with facilities such as laptop, data projector, screen, whiteboard, and printer. The children, who return to school following the initial treatment and physician instruction, are introduced to the Kids Skills and Health Room based on a regulated plan by the Education Department of the city of Shiraz.

The Video presentation shows the Kids Skills and Health Room activities in relation to the parents of children with cancer and the health teachers of elementary schools who are the intermediate between their schools and Kids Skills and Health Room.

The most important aspect of this video illustrates the skilling process for children with cancer, which starts with a conversation with their parents as well as health teachers and after reviewing the completed pediatric quality of life inventory, follows through with talking to the children in the Kids Skills and Health Room along with watching the happy and cartoon pictures. Finally, the video clip explains the application of Kids’ Skills approach by presenting three case reports on children with cancer. The first case report is dedicated to a girl whose social performance is unsatisfactory and does not get along with her classmates. The second case report is related to a boy that despite having no medical excuses for simple sports activities, he has problems in physical performance. The last case report is dedicated to a boy with unacceptable emotional performance who is worried what would happen to him.


Learning Objectives



To describe Kids’ Skills method as a playful and practical way for solution-finding with children.

To apply Kids’ Skills to working with children with cancer who return to school following the initial treatment and physician instruction.



About Presenter


Hooshmand Ebrahimi is M.A. from Shiraz University, Shiraz-Iran. He is a child counsellor at the Kids Skills and Health Room in Shiraz and working with children with cancer. Hooshmand is the official representative for teaching Kids’ Skills in Asia / Middle East.