Katrin Berger  Sue Young

Katrin Berger (GER), Solution-Focused Trainer and Therapist, Team Leader of Youth Welfare

Sue Young (GBR), Retired Teacher, Solution-Focused Trainer

'Adapting Solution-Focused Strategies to Training'   

Workshop 5 - 11.00 - 12.30 / Friday June 15th 2018 / Jan Toorop Room




Our presentation is about doing professional training, potentially in any organisation. At present, when managers want help to revise or develop new policies, the approach routinely offered is problem-solving, theoretically-based and expert-led. A solution-focused perspective leads to a radically different means of staff development.

We will be talking specifically about our experience of training done with schools that wanted to revise their behaviour & anti-bullying programmes. We will show examples from work done recently in two schools, a primary school in Germany and a secondary school in Switzerland. We will show how solution-focused strategies were used to identify the skills and strengths already present among the staff, providing a more meaningful and sustainable way of promoting a positive learning environment.

Although this workshop will show how a solution focused format was applied to working with behaviour and anti-bullying in schools, the same format could readily be adapted for training staff in any organisation wishing to make changes in any aspect of their work.

The presentation will be interactive, including discussion & activities. 



Learning Objectives


 Participants will have experienced:

  • working collaboratively within a group

  • an SF format for staff training


About Presenter

Katrin Berger works with her first mainstay as a SF team leader in youth welfare and with her second mainstay as a SF therapist, mediator and trainer at the “Lösungswerkstatt” in Bremen, Germany.

She is passionate about promoting cooperation and a solution-focused, supportive culture in teams and between different network partners, so that they enjoy working together and make use of their existing potentials.


About Presenter


Sue is a retired teacher from the UK, now giving SF training and working particularly with schools, children and parents and prepared to have a go at anything, so long as it's solution-focused.

Author of "Solution-focused Schools: Anti-bullying and beyond" available also in Dutch, German, Swedish, Japanese and Korean!

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