Wouter.jpeg  Josee Spaas

 Wouter Camps (NLD) & Josee Spaas (NLD)

'The Power of Solution-Focused Coaching in Schools'

Workshop 7 - 14.00 - 15.30 / Friday June 15th 2018 / Jan Toorop Room 




Nowadays teachers in primary and secondary education often have the possibility to ask for coaching by an internal or external coach.   Coaching can give the teacher insight in personal strengths. Being aware of your strengths may be helpful to stay passionate in this beautiful work that teaching is. Part of coaching is talking about personal development of the teacher in a co-creative way so the teacher can choose his /her personal path.

The solution focused approach offers a strong strategy to make the teacher aware of his/her desired situation, his/ her sources of power and of the first step to achieve that situation.

During this workshop we will practise solution focused coaching techniques and share our experiences. We will discuss our successes and our wishes for improvement. We will help each other to broaden the theoretical and practical knowledge.

We will discover how we can support children, parents and the whole team by practising the solution focused approach.In short, during this workshop we will explore the solution focused approach from the perspective of the teacher as well as the perspective of the coach.


Learning Objectives

After this workshop: 

-the participants have an insight in the difference between the problem focused approach and the solution focused approach

-the participants know the 4 basic questions that are essential in a solution focused conversation

-the participants are aware of their own strategies they want to maintain , develop or let go in relation to solution focused conversations

-the participants have practical solution focused strategies they can use in their next solution focused conversation

-the participants have shared ideas to implement the solution focused approach in conversations with children, parents or the team.


About Presenter

Wouter Camps (1970) works at HCO as an educational consultant. As coach and trainer he is a member of the team “Schooldevelopment”.

After working many years in secondary education he has built up a lot of management experience. At the moment he supports schools by individual coaching, team training, strategic management. In his work he uses the solution focused approach as a guide line.

In his eyes the combination of theory, practise, co-creation and a sense of humour is essential to learn together.


About Presenter

Josee Spaas (1964) works at HCO as an educational consultant and account manager. She is a solution focused trainer / coach and certified partner of management drives. Josee supports schools in personal leadership development. It is her challenge to reach sustainable insights by co-creation and whereby humour can put issues into perspective.