Ursula Buehlmann

 Ursula Bühlmann- Stähli (CHE), Dr. med., specialist in children's and adolescent psychiatry

'Solution Focus Meets Body Work'

What about the body in the solution focused approach?

Workshop 8 - 14.00 - 15.30 / Friday June 15th 2018 / Hall of Mirrors (Spiegelzaal)                                                                                                                       



In the everyday work with the solution focused approach, language and talking is an important instrument practitioners may use. The precise use of language is essential. – But there is more than language. What’s about the body? How can we use the resource body in the solution focused practice? And how is this helpful for clients?


Learning Objectives

  • elaborating the role of the body in the solution focused approach
  • getting to know more about the concept of Embodiment: interaction of body and mind
  • doing practical work on “solutions and body”


About Presenter


Ursula Bühlmann-Stähli, specialist in child and youth psychiatry and psychotherapy in Bern, Switzerland. Qualifications in solution focused brief therapy, creative children’s therapy, hypnotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Supervisor, coach and trainer. Member of the European Brief Therapy Association EBTA board.