Ella de Jong

Ella de Jong (NLD), Master Ecological Pedagogy,  Primary School Teacher,  Counsellor and Author.

'Inspirational SF Stories and Creativity'


Great ways to work with your group

Workshop 9 - Friday 14.00 - 15.30 - June 15th 2018 / Jacob Maris Hall



The translated book ‘Mr. Bear wants to be loved. Solution focused stories and classroom (creative) activities.” will be our guideline during this workshop.

You’ll get to know the nine stories and the activities by various (non-verbal) assignments.

You’ll hear about the cooperation of the writers who know each other only through mail and LinkedIn messages. You’ll be surprised by the narrative of the Dutch publication …

Learning Objectives


The particpants of this workshop will:

  • have experienced various solution focused creative, non-verbal communication forms.

  • be aware of their preferences and will have a good sense of what their client/group would love to do.

  • be inspired to utilize one or more assignments while at work.

About Presenter

Ella de Jong, Master Ecological Pedagogy, Primary school teacher (for more than 30 years). Started to work solution focused in 2005 as a counsellor for children and parents, conducted SF workshops and has written the first SF mentoring book (short e-book in English and in Dutch) and she has translated (and complemented) the wonderful SF ‘classroom book’ of Paolo Terni which has been published in the Netherlands October 2017. She now conducts training courses for teachers and social workers and is writing a book about her “H.E.L.P.!. guidelines”. She loves to write and by doing so inspire ‘strangers to the SF field’ (like LinkedIn business people) to communicate in a SF way.