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Jaseem Koorankot (IND), Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer at the Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (IMHANS)

“Research on Solution-Focused Questions versus Problem-Focused Questions"

Effects in neuropsychological components and electro-physiological state

Keynote 09.30 - 10.00 / Saturday June 16th 2018 / Jacob Pronk Hall



In the therapy room, the major role of a Solution Focused Brief Therapist is to elicit the preferred future and past successful events from the client, by means of asking effective solution focused question (McKergow & Korman, 2009), which brings out changes in the client. In this context, it can be assumed that, when the solution focused questions are asked to the client in the therapy room, there could be a parallel shift in the cognitive affective schemata of the client from problem to solution. This shift may help the client’s ability to use more cognitive recourse during the therapy session, which may be leading the client in solution building by taking off the emphasis from the problem. In contrast, in problem-focused therapies, the therapist may also focuses on, eliciting the origin, aetiology, other determinants of problems, its severity, factors that maintains the problem in the client, aiming to take out the client from their problem. The presentation focuses on detailing the research conducted to study the effect of solution focused questions and problem focused question on neuropsychological components and electro-psychological state of a client in a therapy session. Acknowledgment: The research was supported by the EBTA 2016 Research Grant.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants can learn, how Solution Focused question differ from Problem Focused question during a therapy session

  2. Participants can learn, what are the neuropsychological components that may get affected during and Solution Focused therapy session when compared to Problem focused therapy

About Presenter

Jaseem Koorankot is a licensed clinical psychologist and solution focused enthusiast, currently working as a lecturer in clinical psychology at the Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (IMHANS), Calicut, Kerala, India. He uses the solution-focused approach both in his community mental health practice and at the regular hospital clinic where he has his everyday practice. He is involved in research on SFBT and published papers in the area. He is actively engaged in spreading SF approach all over India. Jaseem is the founder of the Association for Solution Focused Practices - India (ASFP-I) in 2011.