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Maria de Villiers (SAF), Coordinator of School Staff and Learners & Stefan Erasmus (SAF), Head of Drama Teaching, Actor. 

'Searching solutions for identifying different needs in a multicultural teaching environment'

Workshop 11 / 16.00 - 17.30 / Friday June 16th 2018 / Jacob Pronk Hall


Modern society has changed and borders are not defined, both geographically and culturally. The fact is we live in a multicultural society these days, no matter where we find ourselves. Finding solutions for addressing various needs and hindrances in the classroom, whilst being culturally sensitive and informed has become a focus around the world. In South-Africa we have 11 official languages and many more cultures, thus we have for a long time been aware and sensitive towards cultural differences, even though mainstream schools have adopted a more Western approach. Teachers have been in the position where they have had to adapt to the cultural differences and needs of their students. It is with this unique perspective that we would like to present solutions for identifying different needs in classrooms, whilst being aware of how cultural differences may present and how to manage such.



1. How to be culturally sensitive in a school environment.

2. Creating a deeper level of understanding with regards to cultural diversity in the school environment.  

About Presenter

Maria de Villiers has a honours degree in Psychological Counselling and is studying further towards Clinical psychology. Maria takes special interest in behavioural psychology and takes a cognitive behavioural approach towards counselling. She coordinates developmental, behavioural and administrative matters of learners and staff at the Natural Learning Academy. She aims to provide support to learners and staff in order to encourage a positive environment for teaching and learning. She finds her passion in voluntary work and has worked with HIV/Aids orphans for a number of years, as well as offering trauma counselling services for the South African police service.



About Presenter


Stefan Erasmus teaches Drama, English and Cultural studies at the Natural Learning Academy. Furthermore, Stefan is an accomplished South African actor, who won the KykNet Fiesta for best Actor in 2017. Stefan has a passion for children who are marginalised, victimised or disadvantaged and aims to support South African students by means of using drama, life skills and psychology to alleviate negative and traumatic experiences. Stefan's love for drama started when he played a flamboyant innkeeper in his grade 9 school play. This love for performance then began to grow and he eventually found his way to the University of Cape Town. In his 4 years of study and post graduation life, Stefan has acted in numerous shows, both on-stage and for television productions. Despite his thriving acting career, Stefan finds his passion in teaching, and continuous to enthusiastically make a difference in the lives of young South Africans on a daily basis.