June 14th, 2018 | June 15th, 2018 | June 16th, 2018 | June 17th, 2018



Opening Conference Day 2 - Jacob Pronk Hall

A warm welcome with words and music.



Jaseem2 2

Keynote 3 - Jacob Pronk Hall

Jaseem Koorankot (IND)

'Research on Solution-Focused Questions versus Problem-Focused Questions' 


Therese Steiner 

Keynote 4 - Jacob Pronk Hall

Therese Steiner (CHE) 

'Beyond Trauma'



Coffee & tea break - Kurhaus Main Hall


 Cynthia Franklin

Workshop 13 - Jacob Pronk Hall

Cynthia Franklin (USA) 

'Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Education'



 23.Sieds Rienks Leo Blokland.jpeg

Workshop 14 - Cor Ruys Hall

Sieds Rienks & Leo Blokland (NLD)

'Do you want to be Right or do you want to be Happy?'



 EstherDeWolf Christiaan van Woerden       

Workshop 15 - Hall of Mirrors (Spiegelzaal)

Esther de Wolf (NLD) en Christiaan van Woerden (SAF)

'Finding the Green Flags: Solution-Focused Medicine' 




Workshop 16 - Jacob Maris Room

Ben Furman (FIN) 

'Taming Tigers: Solution-Focused Approach to Controlling Bad Habits' 




Buffet Lunch - Kurhaus Main Hall

Networking with solution-focused collaegues from all over the world.




Meeting - Hall of Mirrors (Spiegelzaal)

VOPN Board - Esther de Wolf Chairman 

VOPN Annual Meeting



Therese Steiner

Workshop 17 - Jacob Pronk Hall

Therese Steiner (CHE)

'Beyond the Trauma'




Workshop 18 - Cor Ruys Hall

Conference Thoughtstorm Experiment

Introduced by Arnoud Huibers (NLD) 



Herman Prst

Workshop 19 - Hall of Mirrors (Spiegelzaal)

Herman Prúst (NLD) 

'Embodied Cognition: Working with the Body in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy'



Gerrit van de Vegte Ineke ten Thije

Workshop 20 - Jacob Maris Room

Gerrit van de Vegte en Ineke ten Thije (NLD)

'Solution-Focused Thinking for Everyone'




Coffee & tea break  - Kurhaus Main Hall


 Ulla Peters

Plenary 5 - Jacob Pronk Hall 

Ulla Peters (LUX) 

'Recent Developments in Child Protection Practice - Research and Practices'




Plenary 6 - Jacob Pronk Hall

Ben Furman (FIN)

'Solution-focused Lifestyle - How to use SF psychology for your own Good'



Closing Ceremony - Jacob Pronk Hall



End of Conference

Enjoy terras, beach or swimm in the North Sea.